Here at the Callaghan Ranch, we raise commercial Brahmans, Hereford, Santa Gertrudis, Braford F-1’s and a Hereford/ Santa Gertrudis composite. Since the late 1800’s, our cattle have been selected to perform in harsh conditions on brush and prickly pear. Replacement females are developed using a low – input system and are expected to calve unassisted in the brush at two years old. We don’t think you will find a hardier and more profitable female, and because our cattle do so well in our home we can guarantee they will do well at yours.

We also sell or lease some of the most reliable and proven “Heifer” bulls available in southern Texas and are happy to share the success we have had with our Red Angus composite bulls.

For more information on females or bulls contact our Ranch Manager, Juan Suarez at 956-285-6114.